The HP-45 (Wizard)


Introduced on the 1st of May 1973, discontinued the 15th of January 1976.


HP's third pocket calculator and second scientific calculator. The first calculator with a prefix (shift) key. This calculator has a build-in timer that can be used as stopwatch.

A desktop version of this calculator with a printer has been introduced on the same day, modeled as the HP-46.

A label with short instructions was glued on the back side.


The HP 45 box.

This box contains the HP45 calculator, charger, leather pouch and two manuals.

HP45 in box


Backside instruction label

HP45 Instructions backside


Owner's Handbook and the Quick Reference Guide

Handbook  HP45 reference HP45


The HP-45 applications book

HP45 book


See my HP-45 inside page if you are curious how this Classic model is build.


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