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All LED calculators and the LCD HP-41 series are supplied by rechargeable battery packs. Each calculator series uses its own type of battery pack. To charge this battery pack a dedicated charger must be used. To deal with different main plugs, main voltages and safety rulings, a lot of differet chargers are available.

Choose for the Classic - Woodstock - Topcat - Sting - Spice - Coconut series.


Classic Series chargers

Type number Outlet
HP 82002A 110 V / 220 V - USA
HP 82002C 110 V / 220 V - USA
HP 82010A 110 V / 220 V - EU
HP 82011A 220 V - UK
HP 82022A 220 V - EU
HP 82022B 220 V - EU
HP 82062A 110 V - USA

Example: HP 82010A

HP82010A Classic plug  
Information embossed on this charger:

Primary voltage:
86 - 127V, 172 - 254V ac

Secundary voltage and current:
4.2V 50mA, 4V 150mA
Close-up of the plug

Circuit diagram of charger type HP 82010A:

Schematic charger

This charger contains a 4 Volt voltage regulator (build with R1, D5 and Q1) and a 50mA current source (build with R2, R3, Q2 and Q3). The transformer has two identical primary windings which can be connected in series (for 230V) or in parallel (for 115V) by a slide switch. A detailed description of the internal power supply of the Classic series and its charger can be found on the website of Jacques Laporte.

To charge the Classic battery pack outside the calculator, HP build a Reserve Power Pack, the HP82004A.


Woodstock Series chargers

The charger for the Woodstock series contain a single mains transformer only, mounted on a printed circuit board.

Type number Outlet
HP 82024A 115 V / 230 V - EU
HP 82025A 220 V - EU
HP 82026A 115 V / 230 V - USA
HP 82041A 220 V - EU
HP 82041C 110 V - USA

Example: HP 82024A

I received an HP 82010A (Classic series) charger with a woodstock plug. The charger contained a transformer mounted on a printed circuit board, labeled 82024-8000A. It confuses me. It turned out that this HP 82024A charger uses the case (with the original imprint) of a HP 82010A charger, covered by the sticker. When I investigated my other HP 82024A chargers the HP 82010A imprint is indeed hidden by the sticker. So the charger turned out to be a HP 82024A charger without the sticker.


Woodstock poer plug

European charger.
Secondary 10 VAC 1.8VA.
Close-up of the plug


Topcat Series chargers

These chargers are also used for the Sting series, the HP-41 series calculators and the HP 82143A printer. It contains only a transformer.

Type number Outlet
HP 82031A 220 V - Europe
HP 82032A 220 V - UK
HP 82040A 110 V - USA
HP 82059A 110 V - USA
HP 82059B 110 V - USA
HP 82059D 110 V - USA
HP 82066A 220 V - Europe
HP 82066B 220 V - Europe
HP 82067A 220 V - UK
HP 82067B 220 V - UK
HP 82068A 240 V - Australia
HP 82068B 240 V - Australia
HP 82069A 110 V - Europe
HP 82069B 110 V - Middle East

Example: HP 82066B


HP82066B Charger

Secondary 8 Volt 3 VA


To charge the Topcat battery pack outside the calculator, HP build a Reserve Power Pack, the HP82037A.


Sting Series chargers

The Sting series use the same charger as the Topcat series.


Spice Series chargers

This charger only contains a mains transformer on a printed circuit board.

Type number Outlet
HP 82087D 110 V - USA
HP 82090A 220 V - Europe
HP 82090B 220 V - Europe
HP 82090C 220 V - Europe

Example: HP 82090B.

HP82090B Spice_plug
Main charger. Secondary 9V AC 0.9 VA.
Close-up of the plug

To charge the Spice battery pack outside the calculator, HP build a Reserve Power Pack, the HP82103A.


Coconut Series chargers.

Calculators of the Coconut series can be charged with the same same charger used for the Topcat series. See here.


HP 82241A / HP 82241AB

Finally the large HP 82241AB adapter. This adapter is too heavy for a wallplug housing. It is used for the HP 82240 series printers. This adapter transforms 220V ac to 9V ac, 13.5 VA. The plug is a standard 3.5mm jack plug.


Type number Outlet
HP 82241A 110 V - USA / Canada
HP 82241AJ 100 V - Japan
HP 82241AB 220 V - Europe
HP 82241AG 240 V - Australia
HP 82241AU 220 V - UK



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